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The End of Times: Gods Timing for the World

The End of Times: Gods Timing for the World



Alexander Cross

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At an early age, Alexander Cross, a biblicist, began to see contradictions between Bible content and what the local church taught and preached. With more time available to read the Bible than attend church services, Alexander grew spiritually, yet the uneasy feeling that something was wrong with the Christian religion increased proportionately. Finally, Alexander, relying solely on the Bible and the leading of God’s Spirit, embarked on a course of study to determine once and for all the truth of the Bible and to settle his uneasiness. After years of prayerful and passionate pursuit, Alexander uncovered the reasons for the many discrepancies he found in religion and what he saw missing in the church. It has taken a lifetime, but he found the answers and the reasons of God, the Bible, the Spirit, religion, and life. Now at the end of his life, Alexander devotes himself to sharing what God revealed—what every person should know about Christianity. Through his writing, he communicates a unique perspective hidden from the world: not only the simplicity of it all, but also the mistakes and misunderstandings held by the various Christian religions for nearly two millennia. His message warns of false beliefs and belief systems that have led to the lost salvation of millions in the church who carry on blissfully unaware of the truth and God’s approaching judgment.


What God wants you to know. What Satan doesn’t want you to know. What you need to know but religion will never tell you because they do not know and will never know. The time for the end of all things is upon the world and the people of the world. Through the Bible, God tells us—not just once—but multiple times in many ways that we are today living in the last days. Many people over the centuries predicted the end of the world and Christ’s return to the earth. Many failed in their guesses. In researching these individuals, you will find that each and every one lacked even a basic knowledge of the Bible and never belonged to God’s family. None of these individuals had the key essential for understanding God’s Word to us and could never see God’s plan written repeatedly throughout the pages of the Bible. This book explains both in detail. Even the Apostles Peter and Paul believed Christ would return in their time, but they too never saw the big picture, even though they had ample information in their day as to God’s intentions. Apart from their lack of understanding all things God, people through the ages past could not understand because it was not the time of the end and the end did not concern them. Today is the end, and God wants us to know because it concerns us. This book is unlike any you have ever read on the subject. It will tell you what you have never heard because the religions of our day, these last days, have long ago lost the ability to understand the Bible and cannot see the signs of the times before them. The words God uses in the Bible to convey His plan are familiar to you, and you may know them by heart, but you have not understood them. This book will open your eyes and show you the secrets God only now chooses to reveal. You always wanted to know when the end would come or if it ever would. This book will convince you beyond doubt that God has a plan, the nature of that plan, and that the end is at hand.

Book excerpt

The time has come for the end of both the world and the people of the world, and God is telling us not only that it will happen; He is also telling us when. Two thousand years ago, Jesus said: But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Mark 13:32 Plain, simple language. Jesus could have said, No one can ever know and will never know the time of the end. He didn’t say that. The passage above says three things: that day, that hour, and God knows it. The Bible clearly states in numerous ways and places throughout the Bible that there is a specific, unalterable time of the end known only to God. Today, God wants us to know. God wants you to know when the end of the world will occur—not the day and the hour, but His timing and the season of the end of times. God uses clear and concise words and simple, plain language throughout the Bible to tell us when. It is no longer a mystery. There is no need to allegorize, mythicize, or spiritualize verses or imagine some hidden meaning by combining passages from different Bible books and authors. God reveals His schedule for the world, unfolding the plan He made for the earth from the beginning. These words have been in the Bible—your Bible—all your life and centuries before you. You have heard and read these words many times, and you know them intimately. Even so, many readers fail to see the references before them concerning the end of times, unable to connect the dots to see how they fit together. If you are one of the many, let’s fix that. The Season of the End To everything, there is a season. This concept applies to everyone and all creation on many levels, broadly and minutely. Our world has a season. God never created the world to be as it is. God never intended for our world to go on as it is indefinitely. The end was always on the distant horizon. Today, that horizon is not so distant. In part, the final season of mankind is evident in our changing world—the rate of change as it morphs into what the Bible calls evil and perverse. Our departure from good, decent, and moral behavior to perversion, immorality, and wickedness is not why we know the end is near. These failings of humanity have been with us throughout time. We know today is the time of the end because of the Babel-esk nature of global unity as nations promote an evil agenda upon their citizenry. The united, coordinated, universal aspect of wickedness proclaims this time as the end of times. Still, it is only one of many symptoms, and we can expect these to increase as we draw closer to the end. God has numbered the days of planet Earth. And it is not a very big number.

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