Halloween Horror Short Story Contest Kickoff!

Welcome to our Halloween Horror Kickoff. Everyone who is a fan of EWR knows that I am a huge Halloween freak. They also know that every year EWR does 2 big things for Halloween. First we have a Horror Short Story Contest! and we watch a movie with all the fans of EWR, writers and publishers alike.

We couldn’t go a year without these two awesome events, but this year to make them even better we are combining them! Mind-blowing eh? Here’s how this is going to work. Today is the first day we are accepting submissions for horror stories for our contest. Here are the guidelines:
1. The story has to be scary.
2. It has to be 500 words.
3. Must be an original work.
4. It has to be submitted before October 29, 2012.

Put Horror Story Contest in the subject line!

We will publish the stories we like as we go. Meaning: we will publish stories from now to Halloween. When October 30th gets here we will announce the winner to everyone chatting with us on our horror movie chat found here: http://www.votenewmusic.net/watchamovie.html

Lets make this clear. On 10-30-12 at 8:00pm eastern time we will begin watching the epic horror film Teenagers From Outer Space. We will be chatting about writing while we watch (and making fun of the film, of course). At 9:00pm I will announce the winner of the contest.

Prize: The winner gets his work on the front page of EWR. They get to say they won our contest and we will push the story to our 20,000 strong social network. Editors take note, YES, you can list links to your website or publication.

So here’s what you should do….1. Submit your story….2. Wait until the night before Halloween and come talk with us to find out if you won the contest.

Also, yes! we are still taking regular submissions.