Catcher in the Rye by Dana Loberg (click to see her art)

My New Love

by: Gena Ervin

He shivered alone in the cold darkness awaiting the arrival of his friend?his new love. The shadows that surrounded the night frightened him. He swallowed hard but continued to wait patiently in that dark room?the only light seeped through the curtains from the street lamps.

The door began to creek. A tall woman with long black hair entered the room. She looked at him and smiled her sweet, loving smile as she approached the bed where he sat waiting. She gently caressed his cheek and then gave it a soft kiss.

?Sorry to keep you waiting,? she said.

?It?s okay,? he replied, a large grin formed across his face.

She lifted a large blanket and wrapped it around him. It was very soft and oh so very warm. He smiled and rolled himself in it like a burrito. He lifted the sides and pulled it to his nose. In one big sniff he inhaled the sweet, fresh smells of the freshly laundered blanket. She leaned him back onto the bed and pulled the blanket over his head.

?Hey!? he said laughing as he pulled the blanket off his face.

She laughed with him while rubbing his cheek with her thumb. ?I?m so very happy that you came to stay with me.?

?You seemed really nice. I?m glad that you wanted to adopt me, Mrs. Smith.?

?Call me mom.? She kissed him gently on the forehead and walked over to the door. ?Sleep tight, son.?