Top 10 Essay Writing Workarounds

The tendencies of writing change with time. In the past, writers were people who knew their way with words. If you try reading a book by Julio Cortazar, for example, you’ll be puzzled by the complex sentences and you’ll probably need Google to understand what the author wanted to say.

Keep in mind: this is a modern writer we’re talking about. Hopscotch, Cortazar’s most acknowledged book, was first published in 1963. In only few decades, writing has changed a lot. Now, it’s less beautiful, but more on point. The writer conveys clear ideas, and the reader thinks about those ideas. In a way, a modern writer has all the qualities that college teachers require students to present through essays. Clarity, power, and argumentation – those are the virtues that readers value.

The Creative Personality Factor

When people tell you it’s easy to write an essay, blog post, or a book, you realize they’ve never tried to write a single paragraph in their lives. The muse doesn’t just appear in a moment of time and stay with you throughout the whole life. It comes and goes. The problem is: you have to write when it’s gone, too.

Essays, in particular, are very challenging. When you’re at college, you have to work on topics others assigned. You don’t feel inspired to write that content, but you’re aware of its importance. If you ever intend to become a writer or you just want to write decent business reports, you’ll have to get your argumentation skills straight. You can do that by practicing essay writing.

When Essay Writing Gets Hard, Find a Way Around

When you don’t feel like writing an essay, you might need an unusual tip. The good-old “plan and write” method doesn’t always work. Here are 10 tips that might help you write the paper when your muse is nowhere to be found.

1. Write the First Idea that Comes to Your Mind
Close your eyes. Think of the topic. Repeat it. What’s the first idea that comes to your mind? Write it down. Look at it. Can you elaborate a bit on that thought? Congratulations; you just went through the brainstorming stage. Once you have a starter idea to work with, the writing process should be less struggling.

2. Answer the Essay Question
Even if the topic is not set in the form of a question, there’s still an underlying question: what do you think about that particular issue? Try to answer the question out loud. Of course, this is something you can’t do on an exam. If you’re in an exam hall, then this will be a mental process.

What’s your opinion on the topic? It’s hard to clarify it when you start writing straight away. That’s why you need to get it clear before doing anything else.

3. Hook the Reader
The introduction needs a hook, which will intrigue the reader. The hook can come in the form of a provocative quote. You always have Goodreads and BrainyQuote for that. Just search with the right keyword and you’ll easily find quotes that can serve as essay starters.

4. Read Other People’s Essays
You can find great essays online, so analyze the features that make them good. If you can’t find a good example of the type of essay you need, you can always get Australian Writings essay help. These writers will work according to your instructions, so you’ll get a great paper to explore. Once you’re aware of the pattern you need to follow, it will be easier to fit your own ideas into it.

5. Find Good Resources and Discuss Them
Use Google Scholar to find authoritative resources you can reference in your paper. You can quickly form an introduction and arguments through this method. All you need to do is find information worthy of a reference and write your opinions related to it.

6. Find Good Online Resources and Rewrite Them
When you can’t think of your own ideas no matter how hard you try, you can quickly find blog posts and sample essays with a topic similar to yours, and rewrite the content in your own words. Needless to say, this is not the most honest practice, so try to think of it as the last resort.

7. Ask Quora
It seems like Quora has all the answers you need. Keep in mind that this is an intellectual community. They won’t be happy to write an essay for you. Think of an interesting question related to your topic, and you’ll quickly get enough material to write an essay. Make sure to paraphrase!

8. Ask Reddit
Reddit is a great source of information, too. Some of the members are trolls and others will argue with you for asking, but you’ll also come across to nice people who are willing to help. Here, you can be more honest with your intention. Tell them you don’t know how to write the essay and you need some help.

9. Create a Poll for Your Ideas and Let the Audience Decide
If you can’t decide what angle to take or you’re not sure what opinion you have on the particular topic, ask! You can use Poll Maker or a similar tool to create and publish a poll in seconds. Then, you can share it on Facebook and ask your friends for feedback.

10. Clean Up the Mess
Unusual methods usually lead to messy content with no structure. You need to fix that before submitting or publishing that essay. Maintain the proper structure: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It gives the symmetry that academic content needs.

Essays are an important stage of every writer’s journey. They are helpful for building writing skills and forcing creativity when you’re stuck. The 10 workarounds described above will help you get through essay writing with less stress involved.


Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a devoted freelance content writer from Australia. She enjoys writing, traveling, and learning new things. Find out more about Jessica’s work by visiting her writing tips blog. You can follow her on Facebookand Google+.