Blazing Fire by Amicia Rai


Blazing Fire

by Amicia Rai

Blaze up your skin,
your guns, your heart, your lungs,
your stance, your trust, your faith,
your lust
Blaze up your soul, the hole
that formed inside
your once beating, growling mind
that yearned for a change,
but was crushed and deranged
And now inside it rages a fire.
A blazing fire
a firing rage
a past mistake
a life forever changed
an ending that’s nearing
in night disappearing
Leaving loneliness and a broken heart.
What memory is left
of a soul’s grace
will in time be forgotten
and by another replaced
Will be silenced by shrieks
and given to freaks
that do not understand
the Blazing Fire.

Amicia Rai is a PhD student of English Literature, specializing in Fairy Tales. She is currently exploring the art of writing poetry, fiction, nonfiction and screenplays. Official website: