Dinner with Rousseau by Cynthia Lewis-Jones

Dinner with Rousseau

(in Memory of Henri Rousseau, artist)

by Cynthia Lewis-Jones


Fine dining in a clearing in the Jungle
Nude, but for her Peacock Choos
Sitting at the Table
Covered in Crisp White Linen Cloth
Laid, with Silver Knives and Forks
Wine Glasses of Red Lilly Petals
With Long Green Stems
A tigers head parts the Foliage
Regarding her from his Leafy Lair
The Sommelier in Suit lights the Candles
And recommends
While Monkeys Smirk, and Stare
And, leaves, like flames, lick her skin
The wine is served
And the Hors d’oeuvres brought in
The Parrot tells her that the main course is worth the wait
Entrecote with Mustard Sauce, served on a bed of Mache
Out walks Rousseau in Black, with Silver Tray
Green Tea Ice Cream
On a bed of Bamboo Leaves
Et un Petit Cafe