Untitled by Rebecca Bowman

Three Wishes 2
Art by Rebecca Bowman


by Rebecca Bowman

Si soy la única aquíEn esta habitación
Entonces te nombro
Te nombro
Y eres mía
Soy yo quien decida
Hasta que entre otro
Y lo destruya
If I am the only one hereIn this room
Then I name you
I name you
And you are mine
I am the one who decides
Until someone else comes in
And destroys it

### Rebecca Bowman has lived in the United States , Bolivia and Mexico. She has won awards for her short stories and plays in Spanish on the state, national and international level. Some of her titles include Horas de visita, Invitados, La vida paralela, Los ciclos íntimos, and Portentos de otros años. Her short stories have been included in several anthologies and her plays have been produced several times.