In the beginning by Jim Lawry


In the beginning

by Jim Lawry

In the beginning G said let there be mathematics
And there was.
My gift to the universe and to you She said
But there are many secrets;
You will lift the curtain slowly and with great effort
Only over many eons
Will you discover them all.
But your rewards will be plentiful.
She created Pi and e and the square root of minus one.
And after her great labor she rested.


Jim Lawry was born in 1940, raised in San Francisco and educated at Stanford University in biology and at UCSF in medicine. After a full life of research, university teaching and caring for patients and helping folks learn how exciting doing science can be, he is now retired in Inverness California, where he continues his lifelong interests in playing cello, painting and writing plays and poetry. His first book of Poems Beyond the Breakwater, reflects Jim’s diverse interests. Jim learns daily how to endure life as it is and how he must let it shape herself according to her own laws.