Chiseled Shadows by Mary Rogers-Grantham


Chiseled Shadows

by Mary Rogers-Grantham

Last night
I dreamed I chiseled
the edge of the moon
and watched flaming
silver gems float
through midnight. Like
prehistoric rhythms
spawning uncharted paths
to the shoulders of the Earth.
I love the way they dance―
pulsing forth, back and forth
like tempestuous dancers,
dramatic art in motion.

On the edge of a cinematic dream,
I hug it awake.



Mary Rogers-Grantham is the author of three poetry collections: It’s Okay: Poetic Memoirs, Clear Velvet, and Under a Daylight Moon. Her poems have appeared in literary journals that include The Troubadour, And/Or, Rougarou Online, Touch Poetry, Kansas City Voices, and Number One. She is an English, Reading and Creative Writing Instructor and lives in Northeast Florida.