Wind Chimes by Chaz Van Heyden


Wind Chimes

by Chaz Van Heyden

Can you hear that-

Can you hear that tinkling?

The tintinnabulating treasure of Sound.

Wind chimes.

I think about them and feel good.

The wind blows,

The chimes speak to me.

I’m quieted.

Back down the centuries to a Village,

In Asia I’m reminded of another time, and

Another place,

When the wind blew

Across a mountain top overlooking a verdant

Valley bustling with happy people.


Raised indifferently in a callous city in the East; made my way back to the West from which I was torn from my father very early in life. Thought the thoughts of a poet/writer/philosopher most of my life; but, it wasn’t until certain vicissitudes changed the course of it that I began writing and publishi