Facts by Edusa Daems



by Edusa Daems

we all like to be philosophers
to be certain and absolute
sadness and notions
taking pride
in some facts
after a while you learn
there is no absolute
certainty is merely a wild guess at life
silently I take a shot at praying
hoping to be right about a tiny fact
young minds all know this
a breeze will manifest itself
and haul you away


Edusa Daems is a junior major in communication-management at the University College in Mechelen, Belgium. She is from Ghanaian and Belgian decent.
She loves everything that has to do with language and literature. That’s why she writes poems. It’s a passion of hers since she was a little girl.
She considers Nina Simone one of her major influences because of her enigmatic music and poetry. Edusa’s character can be described as timid, observant but has a bubbly personality for the people she holds closely to her heart.