Princess by Amanda Little Rose


by Amanda Little Rose


There is something primal in the way she whispered
winter into the rolling green meadows
that were riddled with legends,
and remnants of the time before

Her eyes lit up the night and sprinkled
starlight into moonbeams like a
seed that grows into the dogwood trees
by the river and beneath
the gods on the mountain,
Or the rolling hills

I am patient and still while
dreams breathe truth into distance
and my sister sings to me;
She is tradition,
she is beauty

Amanda Little Rose is from the small state of Rhode Island (USA). Previously, she served as Executive Editor of The Willow Literary Magazine. She received her Bachelors of Arts and Science in Secondary Education, and English Literature, from Salve Regina University, in 2015. Currently, Amanda works as a high school English teacher, certified Reiki Master, freelance poet and editor.