soar by Camille Thigpen


by Camille Thigpen

and this is for
on my wrist and
jawbone; this

is for clavicles sharpened
by crescent-moon blades
, float,
ether-lithe (hollow
bones and swollen
fingers: similar
ends [signpost
rusted; hum,
softly, origin on this
here street someone
sometime was born,
despite glass between

this is for
incense-smoke imagery
scenes they slip through calloused
life-scratched palms niagra-falls-like
( flick&flow )

for desecrating paper
and crossing streets (against traffic
lights), for misidentified galaxies in 2 a.m.
skies  this
is for crash and swoop and

we are alive.


Camille Thigpen is a Bard College student. She was a 2010 Sollentuna Library finalist in their short story competition, awared honable mention in 2011 by thestival American Library of paris for her submission to the Young authors Fiction Festival, and a Taft College Literary Magazine 3 of her poems in 2012. She had lived in Pennsylvania and Sweden, but currently is based in France.