Sonnet nr. 13 by A.M. Hagalin


Sonnet nr. 13

by A.M. Hagalin

The sky turns a murky shade,
Blue earth shifts to dark gray,
My heart thumps & dirt starts to fade.
The clouds open up to say:
“Quiet now, embrace the rain.”
Gossamer drops begin to fall
Hard or light, however they deign,
All drops hearing the grounds call.
Silvery shimmer covers my world,
Majesty blossoms on a rose’ leaf.
Oh, celestial gears, glory uncurled,
You work wonders beyond belief.
I feel neither god nor my heavy brow,
Only the works of glorious life,
Steering a ship of stars from the prow.
I relax my mind and let go of strife,
For the universe gyrates in splendour,
With a touch so enticing, it might be tender.

A.M. Hagalin is an Icelandic writer of a merry age. Due to personal prefrence he writes in English rather than Icelandic. An occasional dilly-dallier & hoodwinker, though only as a hobby