Writing Prompt 1 (new)

It’s 4am. You are in a deep sleep, and then you hear someone or something banging around in your kitchen downstairs. Your wife and kids are sleeping. You check on them. You are still hearing noises. You then begin to smell something cooking….   We are starting our writing ...


Ok, we were just about to call it quits for our Free Online Writing site. We were going to pull the plug,

Poetry Week 1: Haiku

This is of course the Japanese form of poetry that originates sometime in the 1600s and isn't really give it's official name as a stand alone until sometime in the 1800s.

Free Summer Workshop Online?

I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a summer workshop for writers here on EWR: Writing Courses. Really it wouldn’t be for any more than 10 people, but I’m wondering if there is interest. We would accept stories, everyone would read them (1 per week) and then make ...