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Word Search for Writers (Mondays)

                    Many respectable news and literary publications have crosswords or word searches, so we thought we could run a weekly Word Search for writers. On Mondays we will run one of these. If you find all the words, post a...
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Poem: Fineapple by Amy Ho

I’m a young physician and over half of my life has been poring over tiny font of incredibly drab writing consisting of an inaccessibly idiosyncratic vernacular– The post Fineapple by Amy Ho appeared first on Every Day Poems.
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Finality by Alex Schumacher

She lay on the bed crying, the tears wouldn’t cease. The world was so god-damn unfair. She had gone to bed two hours earlier in an attempt to escape the memories and find some much needed rest. The post Finality by Alex Schumacher appeared first on Short Stories.
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Articles On Writing

Become a Ghostwriter

Did you ever complain about how hard it is to be a freelance writer, trying to adapt your style according to the tasks received? Then think about how difficult it is to create a whole book
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