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Here are our contests for writers. It's a category where we place all of our writing contests and contests from other publications. Please consider submitting your work to us and to others on the web. If you are looking to get your work out on the web, here is the best place to start. Many of these contests are just getting started. They give you a great chance to win. 

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25 Word Halloween Horror Story Contest 2018

Welcome to our 25 Word Halloween Horror Contest 2018.  You know how much we love Halloween and horror, so this is one of our big contests. This contest is for bragging rights only. We will announce the top 3 winners on Halloween night 2018. Honestly, it just wouldn't be Halloween without a 25 word story contest. Keep Reading

51 Word Summer Story Contest
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51 Word Summer Story Contest

Ok, this is our 51 Word Summer Story Contest. We have run many of these in the past. We usually offer a non-cash prize for the contest and publication. The last horror contest we ran we were not able to make good for our winners. We were publishing a print issue of our magazine, and… Keep Reading

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The 50 Word O’Henry Contest

Announcing James Dillingham Young Award: We love the 50 Word Horror Contest because the stories always turn out so wonderful. They have great plots, creepy character, monsters, things that make you want to read them. Keep Reading

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Haiku Hoopla Contest

On our horror movie night we talked about our Horror Haiku contest. We ran out of time. We would have only had a couple of days for that contest, so we decided to wait until after Halloween. We decided to do a Haiku Hoopla Contest instead. This is a contest honoring the Haiku form on… Keep Reading

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