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Writing Prompts are the anomaly of the writing world. A lot of writers, when first faced with the idea of a writing prompt, turn their nose up at them. The writer feels like they can make it without the gimmick, or they don’t need help. Raymond Carver once wrote, “Writing is hard and writers need help.” Prompts are kind of like that. Once the writer runs into his or her first snag, boom they go looking for a solution. Sometimes you need a little help, and writing prompts can be that help.

There are also situation where people don’t want to write, or feel they can’t write, like high school students, and these writing prompts are for them as well.

These prompts are really for many different kinds of writers in different situations. Writing prompt can be fun if you left them. We will try to post a new one every week! We want you to have fun with these! So enjoy and keep writing!