10 Even More Horrifying Horror Story Prompts

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A Clockwork Blue by Duncan Long

A Clockwork Blue by Duncan Long

10 Even More Horrifying Horror Story Prompts

Ok, the biggest comment that I get about our other 10 Horrifying Horror Prompts is that they are not scary… I believe thinking story prompts are going to be scary is like thinking you will be terrified by the first 2 lines of a 2 hour long horror movie.

We are not writing scary stories here, we are writing prompts that are meant to be turned into horrifying stories. So the stories that will be written from these prompts should be terrifying. If we write the entire story, that doesn’t do anyone any good (as a prompt goes).

So these prompts might not be horrifying but they should be thought provoking, and those thoughts, we hope will become horrifying stories.
Please remember that “you” or “I” or any common pronoun can be replaced with whatever you want, you can write your stories in any POV or tense…..(we had questions about this before).

If you come up with a great story from one of these, send it to eds@everywritersresource.com and put Horror Story Contest in the title.

10. Shannon is in the woods alone. Her car broke down. She got lost in the wood trying to take a simple short cut she knew as a child. It’s so dark. Then she hears people. She can smell smoke. She walks toward the voices. As she nears the top of the hill she yells for help. When she reaches the top of the hill, she see at least 20 hooded men, standing around in black robes. A women is tied in the center of their circle…..

9. The fireball hung in the air outside of the window. John was on his knees by his bed. He knew at any minute this demon would fly in the window and set him on fire. So he prayed.

8. You wake up in a completely dark room. The floor is concrete. It is chilly. You crawl slowly in one direction, hoping not to fall into a hole. Then you feel something wet and stick on the floor. You crawl more slowly, but then you find the body and hope it is not the body of your husband who was riding in the car with you….

7. You can feel yourself changing. This is what death feels like. The 2 bites on your neck are throbbing. IN a few minutes you will be inhuman forever…

6. Sarah didn’t know that a spider could be the size of her sofa. It danced in front of her keeping her from leaving lab…

5. I am dead. I have been dead for 17 minutes. Right now, my killer has finished stuffing my body into the outside trash can. No one is aware I’m gone. I hope that he is leaving, when I see him go back into the house. My wife and kids are sleeping upstairs….

4. You feel yourself being pushed deep down inside. There is nothing you can do now, and suddenly, you feel like your body has been pushed down into you shoe. It’s the oddest feeling, and you know for certain that the demon has taken complete control.

3. In 3 towns, over the last 3 nights, he has killed 15 people. Now he is standing in front of your house holding an axe, as you notice him and the news reports, lighting flashes and you see him standing on your front porch.

2. You are a demonologist. On your last blessing the house shook. You fell to the ground. This is the worst haunting you have ever seen. You feel very cold air on the back of your neck, and you realize it is just about to grab you.

1. You still have your hazmat suit on, but your boss is down from the virus. There are bodies everywhere in this hallway. The bodies were stacking up fast while you and the doctor were taking samples. This is ground zero. This is where it all started. 36 hours ago this was just a sleepy small town ER. Now it is filled with the dead, and emergencies are being routed to the next big city. You have been trained not to panic. Your boss and best friend is at your feet. You didn’t see what hit him, but now you realize, the piles of the dead are moving…..


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  1. You wake up in a completely dark room. The floor is concrete. It is chilly. You crawl slowly in one direction, hoping not to fall into a hole. Then you feel something wet and stick on the floor. You crawl more slowly

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