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Lotus-eater is a literary magazine based in Rome. We are looking for daring, unusual, and inspiring writing. Our ambition is two-fold: to publish high-quality poetry and prose in the English language
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Nat. Brut

Nat. Brut2014-12-01T21:52:14+00:00
Nat. Brut is an online multimedia art and literary magazine released free to the world twice a year. We aim to provide quality, engaging, dynamic, inspiring
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The Tishman Review

The Tishman Review2014-11-11T22:06:35+00:00
The Tishman Review is an online quarterly literary journal devoted to publishing great poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. We pay our contributors between 10$ and 75$. A small fee, but with continued support and growth we hope to increase annually
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The Penumbra Review

The Penumbra Review2014-11-09T21:43:29+00:00
The Penumbra Review Website Information about your publication Since its establishment in late 2013, the Penumbra Review has excitedly searched for the best of today’s untapped, catalytic voices. We appreciate the small things — run-of-the-mill and soft — made into items strange to the touch. We like the ...
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Howl, founded in 2013, is an online literary arts magazine run and operated by dedicated, passionate, and talented students of Deltona High School
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NEAT. is an online literary magazine devoted to writers with ties to the Midwest. We (Elizabeth and TM) got together in the summer of July 2013 and decided we wanted to contribute to the literary scene
Hypnos Hypnos


Founded in 2012 and published twice a year, Hypnos is now seeking submissions for its sixth issue (to be published on October 31, 2014). We seek to promote weird fiction and the related genres of horror
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The Pacific Northwest is home to a thriving, vibrant literary culture. Following in a long tradition of finely crafted regional writing that is at once lyrical and gritty
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Ink Dot

Ink Dot2014-10-16T20:04:14+00:00
Ink Dot literary magazine is an online magazine created by aspiring writers for writers who seek a new literary divergence. We make sure that each creative mind is limitless
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Clockhouse accepts works of poetry, fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, and dramatic works for stage or screen. We encourage submissions from both