Beaks of Eagles: A Journal About Men’s Nature

Beaks of Eagles: a journal about man's need and nature " it is good for him to know that his needs and nature are no more changed in ten thousand years that the beaks of eagles." Robinson Jeffers, 1937 accepting short stories, essays, poems, interviews that relate to men's needs and nature.Read More

Ithaca Lit: Lit with Art

IthacaLit is a quarterly online publication of poetry and visual art. Founded by Michele Lesko after she moved to Ithaca, New York. The journal is meant to represent Ithaca, home to Cornell University & Ithaca College as well as the mythical Ithaca and the journey we celebrate in finding a place in ourselves that represents home. We ask that you wander through our site & land where you feel at home then use that place to connect your work first to us & next to our readers. We publish work that brings readers home. We are searching not for distance but for connection through a clear and forthright voice & vision.Read More
Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb is an independent online poetry journal. We do not adhere to any particular aesthetic but seek quality writing that is not afraid to take risks. We are currently seeking submissions for our second issue. See website for full guidelines, or contact Editor: Kelly Forsythe Poetry Editors: Jeffrey Allen and Hafizah Geter Assistant Poetry Editors: Ryann Wahl, Ekoko Omadeke, Cat Richardson, Joseph Mains Managing Editor: Raul AlvarezRead More