Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy Book Publishers  

Publishing is changing. When we created this list of science fiction and fantasy book publishers, many years ago, people were looking to publish their books with small publishers, any publisher in fact. Self-publishing hadn't become the open and easy path to publication that it is now. We think these listings are still useful.

Science fiction and fantasy has become more popular than ever. Years ago, science fiction was for the select few. It was difficult to convince some that the genre could attrack mainstream readers on a regular basis. Something changed. A few bold books were published, movies were made, and now science fiction and fantasy novels and movies are great enjoyment for everyone. Maybe it's because we live so close with technolgy now, people find it more believeable, or maybe it's because we know the special effects of the silver screen won't let our imaginations down. I don't know. I do know that many are still looking for good science fiction and fantasy book publishing companies. We hope that this list will help them, and you.

We have updated the list. We also have  listing for science fiction and fantasy over on our book publishers database site. These sites, listed below, are being added to our database. So enjoy these while they last. They will not be here too long. We are moving them all to our database site. The first section here is our feed from our site. The links will take you to detailed listings about the science fiction, horror or fantasy book publishing companies. The listing below our feed will take you external sites. We hope you enjoy our list of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Book Publishers.

The listings 


Arkham House Publishers

Bantam Dell Publishing

Bean Books

Borderland Press

Cemetery Dance Publications

Charnel House

Creative Guy Publishing

Dark Regions Press

DAW Books

Dedalus Books

Del Ray Books

Donald M. Grand Publisher, Inc.

Dragon Moon Press

Earthling Publishing

EDGE Science Fiction

EDGE Submissions

Eraserhead Press

Far Gone Books

Firebird Books

Five Star

Flesh and Blood

FoxAcre Press

Gauntlet Press

golden Gryphon Press

Hippocampus Press

Hodder Headline

ImaJinn Books

LBF Books

Legion Press

Meisha Merlin Publishing

Mirror Danse

Necessary Evil Press

Necro Publications

Necronomicon Press

Night Shade Books

Old Earth Books

Orion Publishing Group

Overlook Connection

PS Publishing

Red Deer Press

Side Real Press

Small Bear Press

Soft Skull

Subterranean Press

Tachyon Publishing

Tom Doherty Associates

Transylvania Press

Twilight Tales

Underwood Books

White Wolf Press

Wildside Press

Yard Dog Press




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