Top 10 Sites to Learn to Speak English  

These 10 sites are the best sites that we have found that will help you learn to speak English. We have submissions from writers all over the world, and I have had a few of those writers ask for help speaking English. Many are very good writers, but they just want some help speaking. So we gathered up 10 sites to help you learn to speak English.

1. Talk English

Best site we've found. It has tons of audio for you to listen to, vocabulary, phrases and conversations.

2. Lets Talk In English

Lets Talk in English give you the chance to talk in English. They have many many resources for writers.

3. BBC Learning English

BBC has a ton of resources on how to speak and learn English. A must for someone struggling.

4. English Club
A good site.

5. Voki

This is a pretty fun site. It allows you to create an avatar of yourself and share it with others. You can practice speaking this way.

6. Language Guide

Another great English guide.

7. Listen and Write

Basically Listen and Write allows you to hear the language and then asks you to fill in the words by typing them. It is a helpful site.

8. Lyriscs training

The site lets you sing along with songs to learn the language.

9. Nonstop English

Has some great resources that allow you to practice your English.

10. I Learn to Speak English
This is a new site, but it looks promising. Just the first couple of lessons are online, but it seems like more is to come. It is easy to practice your English here.
















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