Uncharted by Kristie Ko



by Kristie Ko

Silverstein questioned where the Sidewalk ends
Frost advocated the road Not taken
The road is Life, no matter where it bends,
wrote Kerouac. And none were mistaken.
Sidewalks don’t end; they only ever pause,
too much traffic on the road less traveled
Battered suitcases line the road because
we lost our way as the road unraveled.
One day we reach the break at sidewalk’s edge
lose hope in the road overgrown with moss
and wonder why we ever took the pledge
to trail Kerouac, SIlverstein, and Frost.

Because the roads are rough where they exist
and where they don’t we must simply persist.


Kristie is a junior at University of California, Santa Barbara. While she does not yet have the ideal résumé and/or history of publication under her belt at the current time (something she is diligently working on), she aspires to establish herself as an exceptional writer. Kristie is one of those fools who still believes that a strong voice paired with a firm conviction in one’s art holds the capacity for greatness. She writes a sonnet every day and is currently on day 558 and has no intention to stop.