Void by Preethu P



by Preethu P

Soon to collapse, the dirtied wall,
In every crack, cobwebs and all,
Oh! To clean, I shall need the key,
With which the last tenant did flee.

‘Twas a bright day, clouds away,
Fangs in his shadow pierced
my soul,had its hues sucked,
Till I, in some trance, lay.
He left at dusk, scared,
The pale remains, he had said,
Knew not how to love!

Remember when, over the new hearth,
You warm your palms, how
In the void between my fingers,
Its frozen pale shadows clutch,
Like death.


Preethu P lives in the capital city of Kerala, the most literate state in India. She did her masters in English Literature and also did a Postgraduate Diploma course in Journalism. She is working as ad hoc faculty in All Saints College, Trivandrum, Kerala. Her interests include creative writing and reading.