Speak No Longer by Neala Bhagwansingh


Speak No Longer

by Neala Bhagwansingh

Speak, they say
there is so much to know

Tell us your stories
locked up in boxes
in your worried mind
and fearful heart
in your bruised
and burdened soul

But you see
I see.

I am not afraid
to be
any more

I used to think I was already opened
by promise of a whole
and roughly
by blows to ego’s self-made shells

But you see
no one can find
that skeleton key to me
but me

so I turned the key in rusted locks
of all those scattered boxes

I placed a palm
on once tear-stained covers
and lifted
with sure and steady breaths
wouldn’t you know it
only Love
came flooding out

love in eyes to eyes
instead of eyes to lips
loving ears to hearts
instead of ears which wait
for cues to speak

So you see
there are no bruises and burdens
to speak of now
for there are no longer shadows
to be sought


Neala writes to understand the nature of light and shadow in her surroundings, herself and in others. Scribbling her stories from the tiny island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, her poetry, fiction and articles reflect what she loves about life in all its beautiful complexities. Connect with her on twitter: @NealaLuna