Amsterdam Wide Dreams by Alessandro Cusimano

Amsterdam Wide Dreams

by Alessandro Cusimano

a lovely girl brings home her puppet
and plays with him

the tall convex space appears turquoise
draws a sinuous line
sensual on the perimeter
steeped in the events of others

is the profile of a sea wave
villain of the most beautiful seawater
ensures the persistence of blue

the opposite of darkness is spreading
the wave breaks regular

has a changing effect
hands out colours

the night owns the future

forgives the guilt
multiplies the fixed and reflected light
surrounds the vaporous game
unties a curtain

after dark
you look and measure the content
of mirrors
the anxiety of angels goes on stage
they have memory
remind all

the vibrations are perpendicular
penetrate the skin
a mass of water rises and falls
is female
able to overwhelm the spectator
with the honesty of her sins
under a dim light
so as not to be seen
so you do not see the others

there is a glare
vision is complex
a comely light

the volume of the music is consumed
a ruby-throated hummingbird flies free

growing soft folds follow the trend
the long radius
the imagination to reach
the underside of the tables

steel and water
deposit the gray and blue
in the depths of the deepest eyes

wooden puppet head is sitting
on himself
his face is opalescent
inspired by a happy melodrama

built on the water

Alessandro Cusimano was born in Palermo, Italy, on July 2, 1967. He lives in Rome, where he is writer, poet, playwright. Anarchist and visionary, painful and surreal, his works reflect on anxiety, crush conventions and illusions, proclaiming, with a barrage of words, that life is, by its nature, a scandal. Appeared recently on the international literary stage, some of his writings have been published by The Cynic Online Magazine, Decanto Magazine, The Recusant, FOLLY Magazine, Exercise Bowler, Streetcake Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Numinous Magazine, Deadman’s Tome, RED OCHRE Lit, Orion’s Child Magazine and Black Cat Poems.