Anima by Witty Fay

Airship Maximus by Mike Savad


by Witty Fay

There is a book ladder growing out of my right cheek
Piercing the flesh of the ceiling,
Smiling at the translucent bulb
Of yellowish glow around its nakedness.
When it reaches the roof of the sky
Or that of the sun’s mouth,
Against the frilly pinafore of the day,
I smile at the library inside my mind
And climb it breathless into the arbor of you,
Hyphenated into me.


Witty Fay is a translator by trade and a humanist by nature. She has been writing herself into her poems for some time into the virtual world at,,,,,,, and . Also, she proudly had her first bilingual volume of poetry, Nefelibata (Brian Brixon Books, 2014), published and she is aiming at unraveling prose. Wearing the many hats of the aspiring poet/writer, she draws influences from the people she meets, the places she travels, the books she reads, and the movies she watches.