Veils by Sindhu Verma



by Sindhu Verma

Veils of so many colors,
Dressing windows and wounds,
Opaque, thick, heavy
Fluid, translucent, transparent,
Thick, heavy, dusty,
Flimsy, paper-thin, perforated.
Embroidered, embellished
Torn and frayed,
For every time and every mood.
For every person and every place.
Drifting in the wind,
Wafting in the breeze;
Drawn in daylight,
Thrown open in the night;
Ripped apart by thieves,
Violated by voyeurs.
You look at me and I look at you
Through yours through mine.


I live in Bangalore, India and work in a multinational semiconductor company as a wireless systems engineer. I love working on technology but also have a keen interest in literature and fashion. I write poems and design and stitch clothes outside my working hours. I want to eventually pursue a career in poetry and fashion as well. My poems are heartfelt and personal and they carry my thoughts and feelings about the world around me. My poems have appeared in Verse-Virtual, The Rain, Party & Disaster Society and Reading Hour.