Spring Equinox by Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

Spring Equinox

by Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

The blanket of darkness releases its hold,
in anticipation from winter to spring,
while each passing minute thaws into the light
revealing its slumbering secrets.

Such vulnerability merits respect,
for surely these tenuous moments in time
of sweet, gentle blossoms and soft, tender shoots
are subject to weathery perils.

Transitional focus brings strange ironies
across snowy gardens all newly exposed.
So raw are the changes, a new destiny
to be found in this fresh transformation.

Miraculous season, the Spring Equinox –
return of the bright, all her colors reborn
in a rainbow of flowers, and trees blooming full,
and the song of the birds and the bees.


Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi (B.A.English/Spanish, M.A. Spanish, Saint Louis University Madrid/St. Louis) lives in St. Louis, Missouri, writes articles, literary critiques, poetry and prose. She is a not-for-profit, business, community development, education, leadership development, disability, and elderly advocacy consultant, and she teaches creative writing to men in a maximum security jail and to special needs students. She wrote a novel in verse, Poem to Follow, a book of poetry, Fall Tenderly, and many of her poems have appeared worldwide in multiple poetry anthologies, literary magazines, and most recently in spoken word with LOOPRAT on the award-winning CD, How Live? Shari considers herself a modern formalist, addressing contemporary issues in poetic verse with a stylized language.