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The author was born and lives in Oregon. He enjoys fly-fishing, writing, painting, music, and traveling. He and his wife, Sandra have two sons, one daughter-in-law, and two grandsons. Douglas graduated from the University of Oregon, and was awarded his doctorate degree at W.S.C.C. in Portland, Oregon. He was a practicing Chiropractor for seventeen years, and then decided to go into administrative medicine. When not working at his government job or writing, Douglas enjoys the Oregon Coast, and you can often find him walking the beaches, or fishing the coastal streams. “How To Study Smart” is a concise book that he wrote to help struggling students such as himself to achieve better grades, and have more opportunities in life. He has several other books he is currently working on. He recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Princeton, NJ for a work he is hoping to finish soon. His writing subjects vary from instructional such as “How To Study Smart” to historic fiction, comedy./fiction and science fiction.
He currently self-publishes, but is always interested in talking with potential publishers for his works.


This book is a fantastic opportunity for any student to boost his or her study skills. The author shares the frustrations and stories about high school and college. while telling how he suddenly expanded his study skills overnight. This book will take the reader on a journey of humor, intrigue and simple illustrations demonstrating the secrets behind the retention of important information. The author also teaches techniques to help while taking tests. Difficult studies can become easy and confidence will follow. These techniques can help to increase retention of information while reducing the amount of time needed to study.

”. This book was written to help students improve their study skills while reducing the time needed to study.

I was a C+ student for most of my academic career. Then one day, a Dean in a graduate department took 20 minutes to show me how to organize my study notes. For a short time, I forgot about the technique. Then one day in class, I saw a student that I knew was an honors student, using the same technique as I was shown. So I decided to try it. From first, the technique seemed to me a very easy transition and was almost too simplistic to do any good. But I wrong! My grade point average went from about a 2.5 to a 3.5 average. Instead of B’s and C’s and D’s, I was getting A’s and B’s. Suddenly, I was retaining much more information and studying about 1/3 of the time. I actually made the National Dean’s List and graduated with Honors.

Part of the technique involves reorganization of your notes. Once your notes are taken in this style, it then makes it really easy and logical to study. My notes became famous at the school and students actually bought my notes to study. I go over this in the book and how to make some extra money, while not damaging the curve that so many instructors grade on. This secret will teach you how to control a opportunity of what to do when word gets out about your notes.

I cover how improving your grades will expand your goals in life. How what once was not attainable, now is totally within reach.

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