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C.M. Krishack

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C.M. Krishack, is an accomplished author of children’s literature and an extraordinary poet. Her children’s books have gained recognition for addressing childhood difficulties such as bullying, self-esteem, life changes, cultural differences and more. Notably C.M. has a marvelous way of wrapping fiction around real-life adversities to make life lessons digestible and comforting for young mind.

Born in Cameroon, C.M. was raised in DMV with her four siblings with whom she shared many adventures. As a child C.M. would dream of overcoming adversity and made a firm promise to herself that when she did she would help others to do the same.

A wife to her husband Stephan and mother to their precocious son Mason, who’s seven years old, C.M. has taken to writing books that will help Mason and all children of different ages and backgrounds better understand and overcome childhood challenges. Her latest faith based children’s books include titles such as ‘Alexander, What are You?’, ‘Alexander and the Schoolyard Bully’ and others.

C.M. has further extended her literary talent to write ‘Life Poetry’, the first of a three volume poetry series, on love, life and faith.

C.M. continues to pen creative adventure stories for children’s books and powerfully moving poetry for adults.


More heartfelt and powerful words have never been drafted as in ‘Life Poetry’, a complete collection of original poems. ‘Life Poetry’ transcends the disappointments, sadness and frustrations of life into beautiful journey of inspiration, empowerment and courage.

Feel the passion and pain of the author, as wounds, memories and victories are shared in words that leave a lasting impression and make a profound impact. Find peace, love and hope as ‘Life Poetry’ explores the meaning of life and purpose.

As the first of a three part series ‘Life Poetry’ is an introduction to poetry that supports and encourages positive and progressive life development through overcoming adversities. Relatable to people of all nationalities, gender and ages these poems will linger in your mind and captivate your heart.

Book excerpt


Like a thief in the night
You came into our lives
One minute we are able
The next we are condemned
Your methods are not restricted
Your victims are not selective
You are merciless and forbidding
Callous and bold
You take no prisoners
Yet you leave us imprisoned
You attack with no sympathy
You leave lives in shambles
Hearts forever shattered
Words never articulated
Families forever broken
You are our adversary
Yet never motivated
You left us speechless
But screaming till the end
Screams of why
Screams of help
But out voices are just memories
Left behind
Those that have met you
Will live to remember you
Your name is unspoken
But whispered in the lives
You have claimed

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