Learning to Speak by Christopher Oie Keller

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Ween by Jim Sholes

Learning to Speak

by Christopher Oie Keller

There are so many names for things and new
things needing names that polyglots may have the fastest
moving feet out of any soles. Their tongues
do the legwork of multitudes; a computer is new
and the internet is new but so are ginormous Touaregs
and those phat Elantras. Every multi-million-dollar
company makes new jobs for scribes as they throw
trademarks like life preservers. They are life preservers; they
keep our dictionaries coming.
So You Think You Can Dance reject Christopher Oie Keller earned his MAT from Western Oregon University . A former Victoria’s Secret supervisor, he now substitute teaches in Portland . He enjoys gardening and still thinks he can dance. His work has appeared in publications such as The Delinquent, Leveler, and Fogged Clarity and will be appearing in The James Dickey Review. He also co-manages the poetry forums of DryTear.net.