London for Immigrant suckers


Kolya S.

Author Bio

Kolya S. is an immigrant sucker from Yugoslavia who now lives in London. His book London for immigrant suckers won several prestigious awards such as:”Kitchen porter book of the year”, “Owen cleaning award” and it’s unofficially hotel maids favorite book during the lunch break.


London for Immigrant suckers is a story of a life in two parts, welded together by significant historical events which were beyond Peter Kovach’s control.

This is an account of one man’s journey from childhood to middle age but with an additional, major, element… It is also the account of the latter stages of the life of a nation: Yugoslavia!

The story of the decline and breakup of Yugoslavia are told through the tale of one man: for Peter Kovach, it was never personal, it was always political!

Book excerpt

People lost in their own thoughts went about their business: some mud smeared children carried pictures of Jesus and asked for money from passers-by; a worker in a kiosk chewed her gum and texted a message on her mobile phone; a young couple who sat next to Peter kissed and drank juice from their plastic bottle; a grey-bearded wretch with buck teeth and wearing a black woollen cap sat next to a mobile stand and gave away free newspapers. A young women ‘eased’ her frustration on the cheeks of her clumsy son by slapping him with her fat fingers. His large glasses nearly fell off, but, luckily, he managed to catch them and put them back in the right place just before his eyes squeezed out a few tears of humiliation and shame, rather than of pain.


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