Love Doctor From Eritrea

Love Doctor From Eritrea

Love Doctor From Eritrea



Tareq Naushad

Author Bio

I am Tareq Naushad, an IT professional of Bangladesh for last 20 years specialized in Oracle technology. I did my graduation from Delhi University, India in Physics. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh with my family and two sons. My father is a renowned retired news editor who edited my book.


The story is about Tareque who has a different view on the rules of society/religion and raises many logical questions. He has no-sympathy disease but isn’t the whole human-kind suffering from this disease? He took interviews of many lovers and did analysis on their feelings. The story has two love stories: Eferm- a interviewee and Tareque’s own. He values love the most but his own love life has a socking incidence. He believes on “Just God” based religion. He challenges traditional method of love, marriage and family. He has proposed TSWIP(“Think Situation When In Past”) and AHOFP(“Accept Hate Or Forget Past”) methods to resolve the never-ending hate and war situation between two group.

He has prepared a love-chart to score success probability of love and marriage life.

Book excerpt

Now once you got married, whether love or arranged marriage, different rules and regulations start. It is expected that for the rest of your life you can only love your partner and have sex only with your partner. No exception. You cannot even wish or mention or write or imagine about falling in love or having sex with any other person for the rest of your lifetime. If a celebrity does this wrong thing then it’s a scandal, if an ordinary person does this wrong thing then it’s a sin. It is a punishable offence by family, by society, by law and by religion. Think about reaction of public when they read news like this:

1. A bachelor Tom Cruise saying “Love of my life is Bachelina (a young beautiful bachelor woman).”
2. A married Tom Cruise saying “Love of my life is Bachelina.”
3. A bachelor Tom Cruise saying “Love of my life is Marrida (a married woman).”
4. A married Tom Cruise saying “Love of my life is Marrida.”

The first news will be taken as a positive hot news by his fans but the three other news will be treated as scandalous, no doubt. The same is true for a political or religious leader or even for an ordinary person. The same goes for a female person. Just think what will happen if a married woman or a widow political leader of a third world country declares she has someone in her love life. But in her bachelor time such declaration might not cause any mass reaction.

If you are married at the age of 25 and live up to 75 years then for the rest 50 years from the marriage day this rule applies unless your partner dies or is separated. So I say, “Oh human beings, be prepared to obey the rules before marriage, load tons of love inside you just to spend it only on your partner for the rest of your life. Forget about any other romantic mood, scenario, feelings, taste with anyone else. That chapter is totally closed now. It is one and only for your partner now. No matter whether you can feel the same level of affection, the same level of intensity of love for your partner, you have no option. You have to continue, you cannot move back or you cannot move forward. You are stuck with your partner, you are bound to love and sex with your partner. If you are lucky enough then both of you will have good amount of love for each other for the rest of life, if half lucky then one of you will have love for the rest of life, if zero lucky then no one will have love for each other at all but still have to lead life together unless divorced/died.”

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