Melania Trump: Slovenian side of the story


Sandi Gorisek

Author Bio

Sandi Gorišek, proud Slovenian, mechanical engineer and entusiasted traveller, that combined his professional work with his passion to travel the world. Outside the world of equations he enjoys golfing, team sports and dancing and is trying to make a fool out of himself as often as possible. He is continiously fascinated with customs and diversity of people he meets along his way and he always sticks to his favourite quote: »Think, it’s not illegal yet!«


Best way to describe is to use comments from Amazon:

Slovenian author writting about Slovenian future first lady. A lot of the people never heard about Slovenia or Yugoslavia before. This is where the future first lady grew up and the author nicely catches the geographical influce of that era. It is a must read for everyone who wants to know some hidden facts about the future first lady and her origin..

Interesting short story of the times when Yugoslavia was a country known only to politicians, whereas a common man was mostly ignorant of its existence, as it might still also be the case today on the other side of the Atlantic, where the Slovenian femme born and raised in Tito’s Yugoslavia, will become the next First Lady of the USA.

Book excerpt

Let’s play a simple game called “Experimental Lottery” in which you win 1 million dollars, but the winner must divide the winnings between himself and a perfect stranger. The catch is that if the stranger refuses his share, you both end up with nothing and you have only one opportunity. In a real case scenario, computer programmed logic would take anything which is common sense since anything is better than nothing, yet the human mind would refuse anything below 20% of the total winnings. Do you think that the share you offer would change if you were raised in humble surroundings with a state driven economy in which all men are supposed to be equal? How much would this differ if you were male or female, if your parents were rich or poor or if you were raised in a rural or urban environment? Do you believe that this decision would be the same everywhere in the world? If not, then enjoy this inside view of the Slovenian, ex-Yugoslavian, rural environment of 30-40 years ago, where commoners, like the next First Lady of the USA, were raised.

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