The Wedding Gift: Menage a Trois

The Wedding Gift: Menage a Trois


Alice Abney

Author Bio

Prior to becoming a temptress of the mind, I spent twelve years in the dark underbelly of corporate America, a slave to the system. I write about what I know and I research
what I want to know more about – I believe in a hands on approach 😉

I currently live in Los Angeles where I cook gourmet meals, flirt with my friends, and coax my vegetable garden into blooming.


What do you give your future husband when he already has everything? A wedding night he will never forget.

Natalia’s name is only shared in hushed tones in the most elite circles of New York society. Her services are whispered to blushing brides desperate for a wedding present to give their future husbands. In the first book of the Wedding Gift series meet Natalie, a woman of unique talents. She seduces newlyweds Emma and Christopher on their wedding night, but through a chance encounter she meets Jacob, a handsome New York socialite that could endanger everything she has worked so hard to create in this menage romance.

Book excerpt

Looking up, Christopher suddenly noticed Natalie, her red dress splashed against the white sofa. “Who are you?” Christopher stammered, looking confused at the presence of an unknown woman.

Before she could respond, Emma said, “Remember how I told you I was going to get you the best wedding present? Well, this is it.” She looked up at her husband with a little trepidation before adding, “I hope you like it.”

Christopher was confused, so Natalie stood up and took charge. “Emma, my lovely, I hope you had the most magical day. Why don’t you slip out of that dress and into something more comfortable? You can shower if you like and I’ll fill Christopher in on what we have planned.”

Emma looked back and forth between them for a moment before asking Christopher to unzip her; then she headed to the bedroom closing the door behind her.

Natalie made her way to the sofa, and patted the seat next to her. Christopher stood for a moment looking baffled before he untied his bow tie and took a seat.

“Would you like some champagne, or coffee?” Natalie asked.

“Both,” said Christopher, and he added, “I take my coffee black.”

Natalie felt Christopher’s eyes on her as she stood up and retrieved the beverages. Once she had poured his champagne she clinked their glasses together and began.

“Your adoring wife Emma has hired me to be your wedding gift,” she explained. “I know this might seem unconventional, but she’s shared with me that you already have everything a man could want, and a threesome is something you have both discussed doing in the past. I am here to create your perfect wedding night, one neither of you will ever forget.
But before I go any further, I need to know if you are okay with this.”

Consent from the groom was always crucial. Despite the stereotype that all men wanted a threesome, most grooms hesitated. Their fears ranged from worrying that their now wife didn’t really mean it and it was some kind of test, to fearing they were starting their marriage on the wrong note. It was her job to allay those fears and assure them that this what the bride wanted.

“Well yeah, we’ve talked about this before,” began Christopher, rubbing the back of his neck after a long day. “But I didn’t think she’d actually go through with it.”

“She loves you very much,” said Natalie, “and she wants to give you something you can’t get for yourself.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Christopher went on, “you are attractive, but are you sure this is what she wants?”

“Yes, I am absolutely sure. I screen all my brides heavily to be certain I am not an unwelcome guest on their wedding night,” said Natalie

“All your brides?” Christopher said with a chuckle, “is this a booming business for you?”

“I work by referral only with a very small and discrete circle of friends and acquaintances. I only do wedding nights, and I don’t stay unless both the bride and groom want me there. We don’t have to have sex. If you prefer I can just watch, or only play with Emma and you watch. This is your gift, you decide how you want to use it,” finished Natalie.


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