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surakshith markanti

Author Bio

Surakshith Markanti, a dreamer who has visionary aspirations; a writer who deciphers his thoughts; a civil engineer who romances hot sun at construction site; and most importantly, a student who learns something new from this world each day. Apart from writing, Surakshith loves boxing and he cooks in his leisure time. He can be contacted online through email: SurakshithM.


Joe, Hunted by his own dreams finds himself in a stranger’s company. Doctor Maria, a divorcee falls for Joe. Maria’s ex works for Jonathan, the richest man of state. While Mayan a childhood pal of Joe, a friend who none desires to have, has a untold story of anguish and melancholy. You Are never a Stanger will show you how Joe proved that a man is never a stranger to this world, despite solitude

Book excerpt

A Stranger to the world prone to prove his own identity amidst deceiving dreams and Skeptic Company; Joe still fought for his love, his parents, his friends, but what Jonathan the richest man of state did to him and his life will leave people traumatized. You are never a stranger will show you the desire of Joe not to be a stranger to himself.


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