Cheers to(o) by Terceira A. Molnar

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Cheers to(o)

by Terceira A. Molnar

your lips,
cut like razors,
tap dancing on inapt destinies.
kissing stranger’s breathy syntax,
a grammatical witch hunt.

Cheers to nothing.

Your lips are nothing to(o)
life’s little slivers biting
into human husk,
the skin of my words.

So salute to nothing
Existing long before you.

Long before you knew,
you were taught, your ABCs
and 1 + 1 doesn’t equal \too\.

Cheers to the next time
our eyes shake hands.

When my smile is so loud,
it bursts your ear drums.

You go deaf
with happiness.

Terceira A. Molnar currently lives in Manitowoc, WI. Her work has appeared in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s undergraduate literary arts magazine, Furrow, in Lakeland College’s literary journal, Stoneboat, and in Inlightenment: Discovering the Sacred Within ezine.