Killer Cocktails and Marshall Swindles by Jillian Garner

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Killer Cocktails and Marshall Swindles

by Jillian Garner


I want to know what if feels like to play chess with death.
Walking into that shared hospital room everyday,
Your killer cocktails waiting to creep into your prosthetic veins.
To kiss your whimsical strands,
They’ll be gone soon anyways.
To shuffle to the bathroom,
Your life rolling beside you.
To watch them with ethereal blue iris’s,
Wondering how many times they’ve played this game
Fearing, does death eventually outsmart
With a Marshall Swindle

I was originally born in small town in Colorado. Having battled many unexpected experiences in my life, I have used writing as a therapeutic way to release emotions that seem to have no other way to come out. I am currently a student at University of Colorado Denver, studying Psychology and hoping to sooner rather than later work for Amnesty International and the Red Cross helping in their Disaster Relief areas. I also write a blog called The blog site touches on many subjects that have to do with many experiences people go through and how to cope, handle, and work through their emotions. Given my personality though, there is a touch of sarcasm in it.