The Vampire and the Ball by Rebecca L. Snowe

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The Vampire and the Ball

The Vampire and the Ball

by Rebecca L. Snowe

Dresses, jewels, mirrors, chandelier.
A human’s ball is a vampire’s feast.

But first a victim to find,
One who is young and fresh.

He sees her across the room,
Skin like ivory, hair like gold.
Introductions are made,
A dance requested.

Her smile is hypnotizing,
Her eyes so blue.
But her neck is what attracts him,
And the blood flowing beneath the skin.

The dance ends and she begs a walk outside.

She thinks of love,
He thinks only of feeding.

Blood on the gravel,
Fangs in the moonlight.

A scream unheard,
The music is too loud.

A handkerchief to clean his chin,
Inside a new dance begins.

He turns and moves back inside,
Another victim is required.

Rebecca L. Snowe is a high-fantasy writer who hates cliché’s, loves the dark and gritty, and is working on becoming a tea addict.