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Author Topic: My top 10 reasons ebooks will someday be better than paper books  (Read 1892 times)

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10. Ebooks will one day plug directly into your brain so you don't have to read them.
9. One book will have all the information of the world on it and AI, so it will be a very "well-read" book.
8. Ebooks will someday be projected directly onto your eyeball.
7. Saying, "Hand me my ebook," sounds much sexier than, "Throw me that book," and then ducking as it whizzes by your head.
6. You can read the book and watch the movie at the same time.
5. Ebook reader screens will eventually look the pages in a book. 
4. Someday when I sit on my ebook reader it won't break!
3. Someday when I'm cold I will be able to burn my ebook to keep warm.
2. Ebooks will someday have low glare or no glare screens.
1. Someday ebooks will have multiple "pages" that you can "turn," low glare screens, be durable, water proof (or at least dry out when you get them wet) last forever, and not take batteries or have to be recharged. 

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Re: My top 10 reasons ebooks will someday be better than paper books
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Well the temperature they burn at is much higher than Fahrenheit 451,
so I'll speculate that books shall be forced to remain to save energy.


BTW. Ray Bradbury was very upset with Michael Moore when
he rather appropriated the use of that title.

They seem on friendly grounds now, however.

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Father Luke