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Author Topic: My new novel about Mexican politics, journalism, carnival, murder and baseball  (Read 1137 times)

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Lin Robinson

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It's a kind of political murder mystery.  (Though political murders in Mexico are seldom very mysterious and everybody Mundo talks to confesses to killing the Mayor)

It's a kind of romance, unrequited love achieved... but then what?

It's kind of humorous (and not the nasty humor you probably expect :-)

It's kind of a travelogue... Mazatlan carnival and Mexican journalism.

Kind of a baseball book... we don't actually see a game played, but sports has molded these characters for life and the topic is always right there.

It's even got a thematic image, hey.  There's a point when the velocity of the ball is cancelled out by the stroke of the bat.  A point when there is not motion at all... then things go back the other way.   Mundo Carrasco's life was defined by that timeless moment of a famous hit.  Now he's acheived everything he didn't dare dream of... and the second it's his, it starts to move away.

It's a book chicks like as much as guys... Mundo is quite a guy.

What can I say?   Buy a dozen.


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Lin, I think your post is awesome. I don't know about buying a dozen, but I'll check it out. I'm also impressed by the artwork you included. The sites are well, killer.

Lin Robinson

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Well thank you very much for the kind words, Richard.

You're talking about all the info on Mazatlan and stuff, right?   I wondered if anybody would go over there.

That's a Joomla CMS site, by the way.

My advice to anybody is NOT TO USE CMS apps like Joomla or Nuke or whatever.   It's much easier, less hair-tearing, and more user-friendly to just set up a blog on a good platform like WordPress or Nucleus, then fiddle with it.