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Author Topic: FLESH WOUNDS  (Read 601 times)

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Lin Robinson

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« on: August 01, 2009, 06:32:02 PM »
My online "blook" isn't a serial, exactly, because it's a collection, not one ongoing story.  But it's pretty cool.

It's a combination of my "Flesh Wounds"  column from the early nineties with other feature-length stuff I had published in a bunch of hip, urban weeklies like the Seattle Stranger and Berkeley Espress.  

This was the column that gave rise to the expression "Yuppie Noir", which got hung on it by Hunter Thompson.  Lots of it is highly dark and creepy.  I always thought there was an underlying redemption to it all, but maybe it underlies so far nobody sees it.

Anyway, it's up online, a new one each week.  And by the end of this month the eBook will be out...not like any you've seen before, I'm guessing.


Got some cool art, too.