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Author Topic: PotLatch Poetry Featured Poets July 2009  (Read 1245 times)

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James Belflower

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PotLatch Poetry Featured Poets July 2009
« on: July 08, 2009, 07:20:03 PM »
If you are interested in any of these brand new books go to and request them. Remember everything on PotLatch is either free or for trade so hurry!

If you are interested in being a featured poet or press go to or email james[dot]belflower[at]gmail[dot]com

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Monkey Puzzle Press: Some Exits by Travis Cebula
Ypolita Press: Metempsychose by Matina Stamatakis
University of Theory and Memorabilia Press: Herso by Susana Gardner

Travis Cebula’s Some Exits: is a visual and auditory convocation of images, a celebration of sight and sound both beautiful and tragic at once. With “fanciful flames,” his “message [is] fast” and visceral. With pen in one hand, the other on the steering wheel, and “eyes squinted…facing the road ahead,” Travis takes the reader on a journey through our environment both natural and industrialized. From “interstate to pasture,” an adventure awaits you in Some Exits. From Monkey Puzzle Press

Carrie Hunter’s Ypolita Press seeks to publish texts that mix the lyrical with the abstract, the sensuous with the cerebral, the continuous with the discontinuous, duality with multiplicity, the quiet with the loud, pre-language with post-language. Post-experimental lyricism. The romanticization of the feminine with that romanticization's deconstruction. As well as the romanticization of the masculine with that romanticization's deconstruction. And so too the romanticization of the hermaphrodite with that romanticization's deconstruction.

Nicole Mauro’s The University of Theory and Memorabilia Press features herso, a limited edition chapbook by Susana Gardner. Complex, layered lyrics in a large photographic folder evoke both the archival nature of Gardner's poetry and the unbound sea thematically resonating in herso. Typeset by Susana Gardner; designed, published and distributed by Nicole Mauro and The University of Theory and Memorabilia press for year 3 of the Dusie chapbook Kollektiv.