For One Day

by Michael Vinciguerra

I wish for one day
I could be someone else
To say what they say
To feel what they felt
I want a new mind
A new body; a new heart
I want to be able to find
What I looked for from the start
I wish for one time
I was you instead of me
To see through your eyes
To see what you see
I want new dreams
New desires; new goals
New fabric at the seams
And a way to this plug this hole
I want a new direction
A new purpose, a new meaning
If I want perfection
I’ll audition for screenings
I want new gloves
New family, new friends
Except the ones I love
Are invited to attend
I wish for a moment
I could see inside your head
And all of its components
To say the things you said
Because I feel worn down
So jaded and so cold
Its time to pass the crown
Because I am getting old
I feel on most days
Forgotten and removed
I’m someone you throw away
Like a pair of worn out shoes
You don’t understand
What its like to be me
So lets not pretend
I have a healthy body
You don’t want to know
The thoughts in my head
They once brightly glowed
But now they spell out dread
So let us start over
Please God if you may
Wishing upon clovers
For brighter, better days


Michael Vinciguerra is 24 years old living in the Bronx, New York. Michael father died when at the age of 49 and Michael inherited his heart condition that led to his heart attack. Michael had a stroke when I was 11 from which he never fully recovered, but he made it through high school and college attending Fordham University where he acquired a Master’s degree in Communications and Media. He am toying with the idea of pursuing a Ph.D in the same field of study.