The purpose of our Classic Articles on Writing is to bring writers a focus look at writing from famous authors of the past. These works are historic, but they also give writers of today an insight into how writers of the past approached their writing.

Some of these articles are authors writing about other authors, and some of these articles are techniques or commentary on writing. Our readers, especially those who are looking for information about writing, are particularly interested in this focused look at the past.
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We are bringing you a closer look essays and articles written by famous authors to help bring perspective to writing today.

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These classic articles are for you. Please learn what you can from them. We have found that many authors of the past experience and profess very similar experiences as writers of today. Many times being a writers feels unique. The act of creating characters and worlds is different than many people, but if you look at these classic authors, writing 100s of years ago, you will see that many of them felt and acted much like you do.

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For Students

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