Magazine Name: Barking Rain Press
Editor: Ti Locke
Mailing Address: PO Box 822674 Vancouver, WA? 98682
Circulation: 12
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 4-6 weeks
Publishes: every month
Year Founded: 2011
Online Submissions? Yes
Online Submissions?1 Yes
Information about the press: Barking Rain Press is an imprint of the BRP Publishing Group (BRP), which is a non-profit publisher located in the greater Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area—a thriving hub for independent publishers, writers, and literary venues. BRP currently operates three imprints, including Barking Rain Press, Virtual Tales, and Nitis Books. Find out more about the BRP Publishing Group at their website,
What type of submissions you are looking for: Barking Rain Press publishes complete novels or novellas of at least 20,000 words to sell through the BRP website and other partner sites in print and eBook formats. We will also consider the following: Short story collections (anthologies) with a strong central theme, written by a single author. Reprints of previously published works that are out-of-print, so long as the author owns BOTH the worldwide electronic rights and print rights. While we are open to a variety of literary genres, we are NOT open to submissions containing the following subject matter. These submissions will be automatically rejected: Poetry A single short story, a single piece of short fiction,or a single work of flash fiction Children’s books Erotica NC-17 / X-Rated / Pornographic fiction Self-published works that are currently available for sale anywhere. If the work(s) are no longer for sale, and you own worldwide print and electronic rights, they may be submitted for consideration. Keep in mind that if a work can be found for sale or free download through a search engine search, the submission will be rejected outright. Make sure that the work is completely unavailable BEFORE you submit it. Since Barking Rain Press will produce relatively few titles each year (12-14 works), our books reflect the individual tastes of our small staff. BR looks for writing that inspires and/or entertains the reader with a unique voice.
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: Barking Rain Press accepts manuscript submissions during four annual reading periods: January 1-31 April 1-30 July 1-31 October 1-31 You can join our Submissions eMail List to be notified in advance of open submissions periods, and to receive information about submitting your manuscript during an open submission period.