Christian Book Publishers

Christian Book Publishers

Christian Book Publishers are a unique blend of publishing and religion many times. This list of Christian book publishers is made up of publishers that both publish christian books either exclusively or as one of many genres.

Christian Book Publishers are simply publishers that focus generally on religion or books that have a religious slant. This may mean that your book is about Christianity or it could simply have Christian overtones or themes.

We are working very hard on this list. It will keep growing. Please check back often, and if you see any listing that are out of date, PLEASE leave us a comment. We do read them!

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5 Fold Media, LLC

5 Fold Media is a Christian-based, Spirit-led publishing house. Since 2009, 5 Fold Media produced over 130 titles, including the first several books of The Passion Translation


Kharis Publishing Kharis Publishing

Kharis Publishing

Kharis Publishing, an imprint of Kharis Media LLC, is an independent 'traditional' publisher based in Northwest Arkansas. Let Kharis help you become a published author - even if you don't have a big platform or national name-recognition.


St. Polycarp Publishing House

St. Polycarp Publishing House Website From the Publisher St. Polycarp Publishing House specializes in printed and electronic books related to Christian theology, apologetics, and history. We seek to fill the gap between general Christian books and denomination-specific materials by focusing on wider Church topics, the early New Testament Church, ...