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Welcome to our New York Book Publishers listings. We are happy to have publishes from the great State of New York on our site. This list is ever growing!

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BOA Editions, Ltd.

BOA Editions, Ltd. Website: From the Publisher BOA Editions, Ltd., a not-for-profit publisher of poetry and other literary works, fosters readership and appreciation of contemporary literature. By identifying, cultivating, and publishing both new and established poets and selecting authors of unique literary talent, BOA brings high quality literature ...

Writerists House

Writerists House is a small start-up publisher that is currently looking to publish one to two short story anthologies a month as well as a number of full-length novels each month.


Divine Phoenix Divine Phoenix

Divine Phoenix

In mythology, the Phoenix is a bird that cyclically regenerates, rising out of ashes signifying rebirth and transformation. Divine Phoenix manifests this symbolism by representing and publishing stories


5 Fold Media, LLC

5 Fold Media is a Christian-based, Spirit-led publishing house. Since 2009, 5 Fold Media produced over 130 titles, including the first several books of The Passion Translation

Supposed Crimes

Supposed Crimes stands at the crossroad between speculative fiction and gay and lesbian fiction. Queer characters in fantasy, science fiction, and horror are welcome here

Editorial Trance

Editorial Trance is the creation of Marlena Fitzpatrick and Charlie Vázquez. Founded in 2013, we are a digital publishing platform that seeks to broaden the literary margins of the Latino experience in both English
2Leaf Press 2Leaf Press

2Leaf Press

2Leaf Press’s mission is to publish books of passion and purpose that also celebrate the authentic voices of multicultural writers, because we recognize the need for writers to breathe

Bracket Books

Bracket Books publishes photographic non-fiction, books about photography, and fiction inspired by pop culture. Our titles are available as both traditional trade paperbacks and as eBooks which are distributed through , , and Apple's online iTunes store.